Over 3 years of kick a$$ Fitness Challenges & we are turning up the HEAT!

Join us for the month of JUNE for the Summer Sweat FIT Challenge

This Fitness Challenge will include all the favorite components that have made past challenges incredibly successful, but we are diving in even deeper to give you ALL the tools you need to continue taking steps forward in your healthy lifestyle journey to be the best version of YOU. Plus, it's now officially SUMMER, so we are TIGHTENING UP the meal plan & workouts and in turn, literally tightening up :) 

I am teaming up again with the fab Registered Dietician, Laura Dilz  to bring you a complete, detailed meal plan (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, sides, desserts)to follow precisely or use as a guide.  WE TELL YOU WHAT TO EAT.  The June Weekly Meal Plan will focus on eating foods that are nourishing and energizing to help eliminate bloat & promote your body to burn fat vs sugar making YOU a fat burning machine… baby! We will also offer smart carbs for high training days and/or if you’re just hangry or extra stressed out that day/week because... #balance!

The plan is based on science, it works!

In addition to kickin' the meal plan up a notch for summer, we are also kickin' the workout plan UP too! Weekly workouts will be adding dumbbells and resistance band exercises to the routine. Adding more weight to the moves will encourage more lean muscle building to kick up your metabolism and fat burning

Are you ready to have ALL the information you need to be successful (literally all the info) sent directly to your inbox straight from a Dietician & Personal Trainer? AND you get to join a community of wonderful, like-minded people to share support, accountability, motivation, struggles & success along the way. Join us in The Summer Sweat FIT Challenge & let's say, "peace out" to those bad habits & enter SUMMA 18' feeling, acting,  looking & being the absolute best YOU.

JUNE Summer Sweat FIT Challenge Includes:

guide to surviving summer social events (because they happen, a lot!)
list of kitchen staples
guide of when & what to eat for max energy
guide for pre and post workout meals
complete daily meal plan (breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, dessert, sides)
30+ new recipes  
meal prep guide
new weekly total body workouts
mileage tracking guide (choose 60, 75, 90, 120, 150 goal)
tips & tricks
goal sharing
constant support, accountability, motivation, encouragement & good vibes
private Facebook group
point tracking sheet
..and more!

Cost: $50


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